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taste meets the top

Two flavours, two consistencies, two elements in one fantastic product.
The quality of Italian milk, real fruit and the art of ice cream enclosed in
a perfect container for two.

yogurt bianco & fragola

yogurt & strawberry

The softness of yogurt ice cream, prepared with fresh Italian milk, meets the freshness of strawberry compote.

yogurt bianco & frutti di bosco

yogurt & wild berries

Creamy yogurt ice-cream combined with a fruit compote, made with fresh high-quality fruit.

yogurt bianco & mango passion

yogurt & mango passion fruit

Classic yogurt ice cream meets the exotic exuberance of mango and passion fruit.

crema al mascarpone & lamponi

mascarpone cream & raspberries

The richness of this traditional Italian cream pairs well with a fresh raspberry sauce.


via N.S. di Lourdes 5
16152 Genova, Italia 


T: +39.010.6509494