The refined and ethical ice cream

It is prepared with exclusive ingredients (Single Origin) and with cocoa and sugar from Altromercato, the main Fair Trade reality in Italy. Gourmand recipes especially designed to enhance the combination of fine ingredients such as pink salt from Hymalaia, chocolate cru from Togo or cashews from Vietnam.

The products in the Origini line do not contain preservatives and GMOs

Sweet Passion Amazzonia

Chocolate, Mango & Passion Fruit

The intense flavor of dark chocolate blends with
the sweetness of mango and passion fruit to give life to a moment of pure happiness.

origini stecco_prodotto

Caramel High Himalaya

Caramel with Himalayan Salt

Dedicated to those who can dare with taste: caramel & pink salt from Hymalaia, an authentic delight for very demanding palates.


Dark Choco Togo

Chocolate with Lemon and Ginger

Dark chocolate from Togo meets the freshness of lemon and the spicy hint of ginger: a contrast of flavors close to the origins of pleasure


Cashew Nuts Vietnam

Chocolate with Cashew Nuts

The creamiest chocolate ice cream marries the crunchiness of Vietnam cashews, and gives life to a combination of extraordinarily indispensable taste