Fresh like ice cream, creamy like yogurt

YO-YO is the yogurt ice cream that all yogurt lovers are looking for.
Because it is fresh like ice cream, creamy like yogurt.

Based on yogurt and natural raw materials, it is the right choice for those who follow a healthy lifestyle, for a characteristic pleasure to be enjoyed even after a meal, as a dessert.

Without preservatives and GMOs.

stick yougur ice cream

Yogurt & Forest fruits

The creaminess of Yogurt, the sweetness of forest fruits and the gluttony of white chocolate combined in the new Yo-Yo!

yoyo stecco_prodotto

yogurt ice cream


Let yourself be enveloped by the creaminess of the yogurt and the unmistakable flavor of hazelnuts. YO-YO has arrived: fresh like ice cream, creamy like yogurt.


yogurt ice cream


The unmistakable Gelato Yogurt and Raspberry flavor: a delicious combination, an explosion of taste and fresh creaminess. With Greek-style yogurt and the sweetest raspberry, it’s hard not to be tempted by the new YO-YO.


yogurt ice cream


The unmistakable taste of Greek-style Yogurt for the new YO-YO white yogurt ice cream. Even fresher in purity