For three generations we have loved doing our job in the name of tradition


1939: The origins

We are in Genoa, a land of century-old tradition and a thousand-year-old culture. For Antonio Dovo, called Tonitto, the meeting of a lifetime takes place here: the one with the art of ice-cream.

It’s love at first sight. And in his heart the desire to root this newborn passion in his hometown, Genoa, grows. Still alive and unfailing, is the excitement of when he first opened the doors of his first ice cream parlor, in the elegant neighborhood of Albaro.

’60 and ’70:

The affirmations

The decades pass by, and with them grow the experiences and the awareness that the road to be taken is that of quality, expertise and the careful research of ingredients and raw materials. Thanks to this commitment, Tonitto’s ice cream becomes the best in the city. The first of many important international awards also arrived, including the Gold Medal won during the international exhibition “Quality Ice Cream Competition” (1970) and the “First Classified City of Genoa” (1977).


The ’80

A time for big changes. Alfredo, son of Tonitto, who has grown up educated through passion and dedication, decides to perfect his art in other regions.

Now he is ready to take over the family business from his father and make them take the leap in quality: the ice cream parlor becomes the favorite meeting point of the high Genovese society, the best restaurants in the area require its ice creams and orders start to flock even from other parts of Italy, in particular from the Costa Smeralda and from Lombardy. Even the King of Jordan chooses Tonitto’s ice cream for the prestigious guests of his parties.

Here Alfredo decides to transfer the production to a small factory and to open two more ice cream parlors in the city, from here the production begins on a large scale.


In 1984 he was awestruck by the renowned road in Los Angeles and decided to open a new ice cream shop in Beverly Hills. Bet won. In a short time, the ice cream parlor becomes one of the favorite treats of Hollywood actors and artists alike.

The commitment is great, and perhaps became too much, so much so that Alfredo is forced to sell the shops to devote himself entirely to the greatest passion: the production of ice cream.



The sons of Alfredo, Luca and Massimiliano take over and the production moves to a new 7000 sqm building, equipped with the most advanced industrial plants.

Tonitto begins to take the form of what it is today: a modern company that produces both for Italy and abroad, exporting to over 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Japan, South Korea. And that does not intend to stop.

Because, if the dimensions have changed it is not the dream: that of producing an industrial ice cream, just like the one made in a traditional way.


Tonitto is included in the Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest, established by the Ministry of Economic Development to protect and enhance the productive enterprises of excellence historically linked to the Italian territory.

Ice cream is not just a embodiment of the Italian culture, but above all it is a respect for its recipes, tastes and flavors, which is expressed in the attention to every single detail:

  • choice of raw materials, Italian ingredients of first quality of guaranteed origin
  • particular care in their processing and mixing, respecting the classic recipe and the highest quality criteria